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Conditioner Only Works In the Shower

Pantene Conditioners keep on working for you even after you rinse. The smart PRO-V Formula goes to the core and strengthens weak spots against all day long damage. Some people think that as soon as you rinse out your conditioner, all the goodness grinds to a halt. But Pantene conditioners ...

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Conditioner Makes Hair Greasy

Natural oils from your head make hair greasy over time. Using the WRONG conditioner can make hair instantly greasy. Luckily Pantene has the right conditioner for YOUR hair…with smart conditioner technology that gives your hair what it needs, then rinses away. Grease alert! The natural oils from your head can ...

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Rinsing with cold water helps get shinier hair

Think you have to take a cold shower (brrr!) to have super shiny hair? Nope. Just use a shine-infusing conditioner like Pantene. And rinse with shine-boosting warm water Pantene’s scientific research has clearly shown that warm water is better for hair shine than cold water. This is likely due to ...

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Top tips for healthy-looking beautiful hair

Want your most beautiful, healthy-looking hair? We asked Pantene Hair Research Institute’s top physicians and scientists for their best hair-transforming tips. Healthy and Beautiful, Inside and Out Optimize Hair from the Start “Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, managing stress and eating a well-balanced diet is very important in optimizing hair from ...

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Shampoo your hair like an expert

Consider a second round of shampoo if the bubbles don’t last through the first wash. Excess oil and dirt kill bubbles. Shampoo your hair like an expert Admit it, we’re way harsh on our hair – especially in the shower. And while we may all feel like we’re shampooing experts, ...

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Hair that thrives in any environment!

Ever wonder why your hair suddenly gets static or frizz – especially when the weather changes? Hair that thrives in any environment! Ever wonder why your hair suddenly gets static or frizz — especially when the weather changes? That’s because it’s trying to balance internal water content with the amount ...

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10 Amazing Hair Care Benefits of Guava Leaves You Should Know

Guava, that delicious summer fruit, packs more than you would’ve ever guessed. And it’s not just the fruit, but the leaves that we’re talking about. Did you know you can flaunt gorgeous hair with some amazing guava leaves remedies? A bite of the delicious summer fruit, guava, is enough to ...

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5 Irresistible Updo Hairstyles for Short Hair

Are fancy updo hairstyles only the privilege of long hair? What if we told you that even you, with your short hairstyle, can sport beautiful hairdos, even those traditionally reserved for longer tresses? Read on and experiment. Chic, trendy, smart, stunning – some of the words that come to mind ...

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