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Explore The Benefits Of Coconut Water For Better Skin

Your favourite roadside summer drink might just be the best thing for your skin. Find out why! Coconut water always brings back memories of languid summer days spent hydrating in the shade, and the sheer joy of discovering that you’ve got the coconut with the mota malai. If you’ve haven’t ...

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Skin Benefits of Chocolate Face Mask & Facial

You’ve probably been told countless times to steer clear of chocolate if you want your acne to disappear. Let’s reverse the narrative for a while and talk about the skin benefits of dark chocolate. Dark chocolate, though not as popular as its sweeter counterpart, has a whole range of skin ...

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Some Interesting Facts About Water Therapy For Glowing Skin

Water therapy? Is that a fancy way of echoing your mother’s constant are-you-drinking-lots-of-water-everyday nagging? Well, basically, yes. But here’s the thing: it works. Instead of poring over ‘How To’ articles on skincare and buying every over-promising product on the catalogue, why not try something as tried, tested and simple as ...

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6 Quick Home Remedies To Grow Nails Faster

Want your nails to grow faster? May we suggest that you stop watching scary movies? Nothing slows down nail growth faster than biting them. Or cutting them. Instead, try any of these simple nail growing home remedies that you can start implementing from today. The verdict is out. Bad habits ...

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