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4 Ways to Use Curry Leaves for Your Hair

Curry leaves for hair are grandma’s secret to glossy, dark hair. So what makes it so hot? Find out! Used often in Indian dishes to season and flavor the food, curry leaves have a place in kitchens and in beauty care treatments. They are used for great hair and skin. ...

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Benefits Of Garlic In Hair Growth & Fighting Hair loss

Garlic oil has so many benefits for your health, skin and hair. Let’s take a look at how it can benefit your hair. Garlic is traditionally used while cooking, and also used a lot for medicinal purposes. However, as many people don’t know, garlic oil also has a ton of ...

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5 Ways To Use Neem Oil For Dandruff & Hair Growth

While we’ve all heard of how wonderful neem is for our skin, it’s benefits for hair are slightly lesser known. Here are some ways neem can make your locks go from drab to fab! Traditionally used in herbal medicine and skin care, neem has been a big part of India’s ...

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5 Amazing Ways To Use Grapeseed Oil To Fight Hair Loss

That’s right. There’s one more miracle oil that promises great results for your follicular woes. But it’s not going to be as simple as squeezing some oil into the palm of your hands and massaging your hair in a hurry before you run into the shower. So if you have ...

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Nourish Your Hair With 5 Avocado Oil & Hair Mask

Avocado can do so much more than just sit on your nachos. Here are 5 DIY avocado hair masks that will give you great hair! Protect your hair from the harsh winds of winter this season by using an avocado hair mask. This versatile fruit not only nourishes your hair, ...

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